Butterfly Milk courses are playful, interesting and creative. We want children to fall in love with English, that is our mission...

Butterfly ABC

These are children’s first steps toward learning English, the course has been designed to be the ideal introduction to the alphabet, phonetic sounds and basic conversational English. 

The class includes songs, handwriting and the most important aspects when starting something new, laughter and smiles.  

Reading Prep'

With the Reading Prep course we are focused on building confidence through becoming competent at writing/ structuring sentences, reading and speaking. We also take the opportunity to introduce books and stories at this stage, making sure that children take books from our library weekly.

The goal at the end of the course is for children to feel confident and competent about the different aspects of English; speaking, writing and reading. It is the perfect preparation for more advanced courses such as our Reading and Cambridge courses.


Advanced Reading

( Signature Course )


Our Butterfly Milk reading course consists of all the ingredients vital to any child’s education. Our goal is not only to teach concepts such as grammar, tenses and spelling but to actually inspire a love for the English language. We try to make sure books become a part of a child's life, not something they must do but something they enjoy and want to do. 

Conversation and discussion is at the heart of our reading program. Teachers regularly pause and stop during the story to discuss possible solutions, character traits and storyline to stimulate critical thinking and to check for comprehension. A portion of the class is dedicated to creative writing as well.

This is not an exam orientated class though, where marks are the the only criteria of assessment. Creative discussion and expressing ideas is what we look for. The ability to communicate effectively, solve problems and express opinions are given precedence over rote memorisation. 

Story Grammar

The importance of correct grammar usage cannot be overstated and we make sure that children are exposed to correct grammar usage throughout all of our courses. This particular course was created with parents in mind who feel it necessary to actively focus on grammar usage.

Grammar may at times be a very dry subject for younger children, we make sure the course content introduces key grammatical concepts through short stories and exercises that are varied to make sure things are always kept interesting.

  • Parts of speech 
  • Tenses
  • Punctuation
  • Figures of speech


The Cambridge exams are an internationally recognised series of tests that offer a clearcut route to assessing your child's English proficiency. Candidates who complete the tests will receive a certificate confirming the results of three tested criteria: speaking; listening; reading and writing. 

We prepare for the three stages of the Cambridge tests starters, movers and flyers. The course duration for each stage is approximately 8-9 months depending on the group.  

Talking Trinity GESE

The trinity GESE examinations are a series of one-to-one graded examinations offered by Trinity College London. Butterfly Milk is a registered Trinity centre and offer courses to prepare for grades 1-6, after completion a certificate is awarded to the student whereupon feedback from the examiner describing the interaction will also be given.

The course duration for each grade ranges from 3-6 months, slightly more time is needed for grades 4-6. 

Chit Chat

We take on the opinion that having the ability to communicate effectively is one of those lifelong skills that every child should have the opportunity to develop from a young age. Our strong stance toward verbal communication has led us to put particular emphasis and thought toward the development of the Chit- Chat class.

These classes are a fun, non- obtrusive, non- pressured way to just engage in conversation with a native speaker. We cover a variety of familiar topics that appear throughout a child's daily life, developing the ability to explain ideas, observations and opinions in fuller sentences and with more detail. Currently our CC classes have two stages:

 Minis - Usually children aged 3-5

Biggers - Usually children aged 5+

Appropriate stages will be chosen based on a child's initial assessment. Recommended ages are used as guidelines, all of our class allocation decisions are based on a child's individual capabilities.