What We Do..

We are a team of international educators on a mission to make learning interesting, exciting and fun. The environment we have created encourages children to laugh, speak openly and enjoy every moment of their learning experience.

We teach the fundamental building blocks of English but strive to do so using stories, music, acting and humour in order to make the language as interactive and engaging as possible. We see learning as a process of discovery that never ends, a colourful and inspiring journey that we embark on, to which the destination is only the bonus.

Embark on a journey of discovery..


Why Butterfly Milk ?

Our beliefs toward learning emphasises creativity, collaboration and the ability to think critically and follow through logically. We see children not as bottles that need be filled, but as young individuals who we wish to inspire, to which education becomes a pleasurable, satisfying means of empowerment, not a means to an end.

Our goal is not to maximise testing scores, but rather to learn about the world around us, teaching content that is relevant and tangible.


Creativity is intelligence having fun


We listen ...

We rely on your feedback to constructively refine every aspect of our school.

Creative Teamwork ..

We are committed to continuously creating innovative teaching tools.

Custom Library

We emphasise learning through story books and reading for pleasure.